September 29, 2005
This NerdTV stuff is interesting stuff. Haven't missed a week yet.

Here's an edited quote from Brewster Kahle's NerdTV spot:
[I]f you give something to the public or, you know, nonprofit or - not only does it not cost you to give something away, you get - you know a pat on the back and you get a tax incentive, except on the internet. You give something away [on the internet], and if it gets popular, you can go under. You might lose your house with bandwidth fees. One Slashdot can be the worse thing that ever happened to you. It's just dumb. It's no way to run a culture. If we had a royalty system, such that if your thing became popular, you started to get paid based on all those usage charges on the internet, that would be wonderful. But it goes completely, insidiously the wrong way.

tags: ComputersAndTechnology