November 06, 2007
Since you are a key ingredient for success, it's my opinion that you should try to not make yourself suck.

Chad Fowler has a great book (okay I've heard it's great, I'm too cheap to get myself a copy) on this topic, My Job Went To India (which includes a chapter called BeTheWorst with a little nod to my page there -- so, yeah, I can be bought).

I just finished watching this Google TechTalk from JamesBach titled “Becoming a Software Testing Expert”, and it's chock-full of similar career advice, much of which I think is rather generic. Good test stuff in there as well. I got to meet James once, and I can confirm that he's indeed the same character in person that he appears to be in this video (though he dressed up a little more for Google).

tags: ComputersAndTechnology