December 01, 2010
I've been a big fan of the GraphViz stuffs for sometime, causing the breakup of myself and Visio. Visio's cool, but I really don't need most of what it does easily (fancy shapes and yada yada), and the hassle with Visio is I'm always having to lay things out myself, esp. difficult on something that keeps being modified. GraphViz's dot handles the hard part, I just have to link stuff up, plus it's very easy to automate the dot source for automagic graphs.

One bandwagon I've yet to jump on is UML, but Martin Fowler's post today about UmlGraph (home page) might get me closer. It's uses the GraphViz stuff to build UML graphs from text sources, just like plain ol’ dot.

(See also SdEdit for a similar tool for sequence diagrams)

tags: ComputersAndTechnology
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