March 15, 2012
Lot of activity out there, but most of it seems to eventually wind up back at the ‘spreadsheet’ gem. Though I also ran across the ‘Surpass’ gem - which seems to have more complete support for writing xls files, though no support for reading.

to_xls (and its variants) sits on top of spreadsheet and is biased towards ActiveRecord, though you should be able to use it for just plain Arrays and Hashes, though my first attempt didn't yield much.


- https://github.com/mojotech/active_scaffold_export with props to https://github.com/vhochstein/active_scaffold_export for keeping it alive in Rails 3 - but still just CSV support.

- https://github.com/xn/active_scaffold_export added Excel support and brought Surpass to my attention.

tags: ComputersAndTechnology
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