January 30, 2019
Originally posted July 9th, 2012
Updated Jan 30th, 2019

DIY fixtures - forget factory_bot and their ilk. Usually I'll place these in lib/fixtures/fixtures.rb because they can be used in rake tasks and other not-specifically-test places. Add a requires to this file in test_helper or spec_helper and also in whatever rake tasks or scripts want to use them.

It's a little less aesthetically pleasing, but does the same job, is easier to debug, and has fewer potential hang-ups.

require 'faker'

class BaseFixture
def self.create(opts={})
fixture =!

class CustomerFixture < BaseFixture
def{}) =>

For a more elaborate version, plus specs comparing this approach with factory_bot and machinist, plus demonstrating some of the challenges they have, see The file with the specific fixture code is in

If you have a Rails application where you frequently run into the problem of seed.rb being broken because it's not kept up-to-date, re-using this DIY fixture approach in seed.rb and your tests can help keep things current.

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