February 14, 2012
The update site is down for a bit

The Call Graph plug-in for Eclipse will render a directed graph of the visible nodes in the JDT call hierarchy view using a separately installed version of the GraphViz program “dot”.

Eclipse versions: 3.0, 3.1, 3.2. (3.4 in progress).

9/5/09 - Started hacking on a version that'll work with 3.4. I've tried it on two machines so far - one seems fine, the other is experiencing some bugs. If you have any problems, email me details from the Eclipse Error Log.

Version has been bumped up to 1.0.0 (for no real reason).

12/3/09 - Just saw another CallGraph plugin by Certiv Analytics. Haven't tried it yet, but sounds like it may be more polished than my little effort here.

5 new items on the Call Hierarchy context menu, 2 graph actions, and 3 enhanced options for managing the tree (from bottom to top):
Graphopens a new window with a GraphViz dot directed graph of the current call hierarchy tree.
Merge With Previous Graphopens a new window with a GraphViz dot directed graph of the current call hierarchy tree adding in the nodes from the current tree.
Remove Noderemoves selected nodes.
Remove Sibling Nodesremoves all sibling nodes of the selected nodes. If any of the selected nodes are siblings of each other, all selected ones will be retained.
Isolate Path To Noderemoves all sibling nodes recursively. Disabled for multiple selections.

Screenshot from 0.9.7.

(The font used in this screenshot is MonteCarlo)

From within Eclipse, the Help menu, select Software Updates -> Find and Install...

Choose “Search for new features to install”, click Next.

Click the “New Remote Site...” button, enter, then hopefully the rest will be self-explanatory.

To use it, you must install GraphViz and make sure the dot executable is on your system path. Future versions of the plug-in should allow you to input the path to the program, we'll see how long I dink with it.


Source is up on GitHub.

In 2004, I originally hacked the same functionality into the actual org.eclipse.jdt.ui .jar itself, since I didn't have the patience to figure out how to make it a plug-in (see GraphCallHierarchyForEclipse).

Since Eclipse 3.1 was released in 2005, my hand was forced to go back to my hack (which is only 3.0.0 compatible) and try to make it live as a healthy plug-in.

Please email me with any comments, bugs, requests, etc.

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