May 22, 2009
see also WhyUnitTest.

Just a small note here. I just added a link to Dan Ariely's TED talk on “Our Buggy Moral Code” on the MakingBadProgrammersCare page ... and it made me think once again about the potential power in pair programming, in increasing accountability and knowledge transfer. Pairing could have a BIG impact on the culture of a team ... and if the culture changes from one that is stagnant and not taking advantage of the cumulative effect of small efficiencies to one that does - that could be a big benefit to the bottom line.

Personally, though, I find myself resistant to the idea in the small. There are comforts I enjoy in solitude (or the illusion of comforts) that I seem unwilling to give up to push too much for pairing and what it requires.

tags: ComputersAndTechnology
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