August 31, 2004
I've been dinking around with the loops included with Adobe Audition's (was Cool Edit Pro) Loopology library. I thought, hey, throw down a reliable groove, fiddle around, put some keys on top, no problem, should be fun.

I picked out a funk drum groove from the Loopology clips, pieced together some variations on the main loop to give it a little shape with some fills at the end of phrases, put down my own fairly lame bass line on an organ patch, and then started noodling on a Rhodes patch.

Here's an excerpt (ogg alert -- just go get a decent player and stop yer mp3 whinin’).

And ... I just can't like it. The drummer and I can't agree on anything it seems. We're working against each other (not to mention that derned keyboardist occasionally working against himself). And since the drummer is just a loop ... well, not much of an option there to change up the feel to match what feels natural to me. Funny how perilous a thang like groove can be.

[Geeks reading this on the cLabs blog can now insert some clever way of applying this lesson to AgileDevelopment]

[Musicians now in search of a groove-quencher can try this out, though if you're hard-core, you'll need something more like this)]

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