February 11, 2010
Raymond Chen blogs about how a bug with a game was enough to slip the release of XP SP2:
During the run-up to Windows XP Service Pack 2 Beta in December of last year, there was a list of five bugs that the release management team decided were so critical that they were going to slip the beta until those bugs got fixed.

The third bug on the list: Deer Hunter 4 won't run.

Deer Hunter has the power to stop a beta.
Going through a bug burndown can be nerve-wracking for anyone who has unrealistic expectations. I don't think I've ever seen the powers of denial so starkly as in the days before a scheduled release. Statements of certainty (“I just found the last bug”) are just laughable to anyone paying attention to reality in a code and fix environment.

One of the sources of the unpredictability of the bug burndown is in finding the bugs in the first place. In LookingForTrouble, there's even evidence ...

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