February 16, 2009
Bruce says these:
Apache 2.0 (vs. MIT or BSD)
and maybe this one, too: Affero GPL3.
I said you needed 4 licenses at most, and have only discussed 3. The 4th you might consider is Affero GPL3.

This license is specifically engineered to keep Google from running away with your product without sharing their improvements to it. Well, actually, it deals with the software as a service problem. The GPL class of licenses does not require that anyone share source code until they actually distribute the software. But Google doesn't distribute software, it performs it on its own site.

So, a license had to be written to cope with the SaaS phenomenon. If you want to keep the license count down to 3, you can use Affero GPL3 in place of GPL3. The text of Affero GPL3 is very similar to that of the plain GPL3, so again, you don't really have to learn an entire new license.

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