October 31, 2008
After being on the extreme low end of phone tech, I decided to jump extremes and get on the Google Phone/Android/T-Mobile G1 bandwagon. I've had it now for not quite two weeks and am enjoying it.

Many people have complained about the G1 only interfacing with Google products. In my case, that works out. I guess I didn't realize how much of a die-hard Google fan I was. I use GMail for most of my tech mailing lists (which I rarely read) and had Google calendar up and running, mostly to display the Dallas Cowboys shared calendar. My recent job change, however, led me to depend on the calendar more, and with their Outlook integration tool, I'm suddenly getting G1 alerts for meetings at work - that's cool.

Another benefit here is I've finally gotten years of SIM card collected contacts off the phone and into the larger world of computers. And I didn't hardly have to do anything - poof - oodles of phone numbers previously trapped on a cheap phone (and I was too cheap to buy the cables and software to transfer them off) are suddenly free to roam Cyberspace(TM).

SD card

Headphone jack(ed)

Transferring music

Battery life

Any cut


Touch screen

Writing software

Oh, it's a phone, too.

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