March 27, 2003
ChadFowler writes:
In software development, even for hobbyists like me, we're almost always focused on creating something useful. If software is simply a craft or an engineering discipline, this doesn't seem strange, but if it's an art, this is a big hole.

Is the implication then that useless art has value?

If so, that's hooey :) The goal of the artist is to do for others what they can't do themselves. If there's no reason for the art, throw it in the trash.

Does that mean we shouldn't practice, because practice doesn't result in an end product? Practicing results in a different end product -- sharpening the skills. But what I sharpen, I should use, to create an end product that has usefulness.

For more on practicing, see //ComputersAndTechnology/ProgrammingPractice.


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