July 08, 2003

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Okay, we're calling this version 1.0. The more software development I do, the less I believe in pre-1.0 release numbering. Most software never lives at pure 1.0.0 for long, so sneaking up on 1.0 as if I'll know then that all bugs have been killed and all features tweaked is not fooling anyone. I've been using clOutMon for going on 4 years and I don't think there's much communicated in 0.1 -> 0.9 -> 0.whatever. Rant off.

One lasting issue that somehow never made it in text to this page for some reason has now been handled clearly. clOutMon needs CDO to work. If it ain't installed, it errs out, but with an awkward error message that has been increasingly emailed to me as (1) clOutMon usage increases and (2) more people use newer versions of Outlook that don't install CDO by default. Check out the Known Problems section for more details.


cLabs Outlook Monitor is a Windows (9x/Me/NT/2k/XP) tray utility that monitors the Outlook Inbox for unread email. An empty or full envelope is displayed depending on the status of unread email in the Inbox. It also removes Outlook's envelope icon from the tray. Native .exe written in Delphi. Open Source with BSD License hosted by SourceForge. Please email me with any questions or feedback.


Microsoft Outlook displays an envelope in the tray whenever any new email arrives. I subscribe to a number of heavy volume mail lists and hate that. I have rules that move all my list mail to various folders. Real mail remains in my Inbox. I got tired of being distracted by the ever present envelope icon and never knowing if I had real mail in my Inbox.

While there are a ton of monitoring utilities available, I couldn't find any that could do anything about the envelope icon Outlook places in the tray. (Maybe some do, I don't claim to have researched this much). In the Microsoft newsgroups, the MVP replies I read in response to people requesting the death of the Outlook envelope mentioned there was no utility they knew of that would kill the envelope. I took up the challenge.

I was quickly vanquished. Then I ran across some code Nick Repin wrote that got me most of the way there. Thanks to his otherwise undocumented code to enumerate tray icons I was able to squash the envelope.


Known Problems

Fix History - 7/8/2003 - 2/26/2003 - 3/8/2000 - 3/3/2000

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