December 03, 2003


Two new Ruby releases today. clWiki 1.10.0 and clIndex 1.1.0. No online page for these yet, you can check out the changes in the Readme docs in the downloads.


Official start of my weblog, using my own Blogki software, part of my clWiki written in Ruby.

Also, another release of clWiki, 1.9.4. Bunch of minor tweaks to help further the Blogki cause.


New clWiki release: 1.9.3. Main reason to release is the previous 1.9.2 release was the first public distribution and a couple of files were missing (d'oh!). Also some minor tweaks. See the Readme in the doc folder of the .zip for details.


Two new releases. First is clWiki, yet another Wiki, written in Ruby. I started this half to serve as a project to learn Ruby (and you can tell it was a learner by looking at the code), and half because I wanted to use a Wiki on the job, but I wanted storage to be in text files, in case the Wiki thing didn't take off too well. I didn't want to worry about scraping the data out of some proprietary storage format. Not that big a deal. At the time, I couldn't find a popular Wiki that stored pages in text files, plus as I was already learning Ruby, I didn't want to dive into Perl, the tool of choice for many of the popular ones.

Since I started it a couple of years ago, it's grown full hierarchy support (which is a bit weird, probably why most other Wikis don't do it), and, just recently, a built-in blogger (Blogki). The blogging part is still rough. I should have one up and running right here in the coming weeks.

The second release is a necessity related to clWiki: clIndex. As my Wiki grew on the job, I needed indexing for fast searches, so I built my own generic indexer in Ruby and then built clWiki to use it. It's thread safe (as far in as I've tested it), able to handle multiple simultaneous requests, although it probably doesn't scale well. With these releases, the ScrapWare page was getting a little overgrown, so now it's split into a Windows page and a Ruby page.

In clOutMon news, alert webbie Jeremy Dunck told me that Office XP finally adds in the option whose absence birthed clOutMon: turning off the tray envelope icon. Fortunately, all is not lost for clOutMon. Seems getting notification just of Inbox unreads is still not an easy task in Outlook by itself, so don't recycle it yet.


It's been three years since I did anything with clOutMon, but I've got some juicy updates in a new release. You can shutdown Windows now and clOutMon will do your bidding. You can run clOutMon without having to have Outlook running. You can double-click the tray icon and open Outlook automagically. You can, you can, you can. Really, you can. (Well, I can. I haven't had anyone else try it yet...)


New ScrapWare.

First, 2003.027.0 release of cLabs Utilities for Ruby. This is the first official release as a single package here at cLabs.org. It's a pretty rag tag assortment of code, but it's a bunch of small things I use most everyday on the job.

Second, 2003.027.0 release of cLabs IEController. This is a helper library for writing acceptance tests to drive Internet Explorer and, to a lesser extent, .Net Windows Forms. I mention it at least once a quarter on either the XP or Ruby mailing list, it's about time I had a handy download for it.

Older Stuffs

sort of a mess here...


New ScrapWare. 0.9.2
release of clDuw.


New ScrapWare.
Pre-release 3 of XML Serialization for Ruby.


New ScrapWare.
Pre-release 2 of XML Serialization for Ruby.


New ScrapWare. Initial
pre-release of XML Serialization for Ruby.

DVAssist - I finally
promoted to stable status.


New ScrapWare. Initial
release of cLabs Disk Usage for Windows.
Re-creation of a great tool (“http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/5806/duw.htm”>Disk Usage
for Windows
) with some additional features added. Open source with BSD license.


New release of DVAssist.
Minor release to fix some bugs concerning hotkey support. Go to the
page for details.


New post in the Papers
section. It's the second part of my Introduction to Extreme
Programming paper that is scheduled to be published on the Borland
Conference 2001 CD this summer.


clabs.org is now official. Hosting is provided by sourceforge.net, many thanks
to them and their work. More ScrapWare is on the way.


Slight re-org of the site. Added a new Papers section. Included are pages from a recent presentation on XP (Extreme Programming) I gave to the “http://www.3-d.org”>Delphi Developers of Dallas user group.


New release of DVAssist.
The previous beta is now production, so it officially supports 9x,
NT & 2000 now. I've added a configurable hotkey setting to
toggle the layout. DVAssist has now been open sourced -- go to the
page for more details.


New beta of DVAssist.
This beta appears to be solid and will probably be changed to the
new production version soon. It fixes the only bug found in the
previous build. If Qwerty was the current OS layout, when DVAssist
was first run, it would try to toggle to Qwerty and an error was
raised saying it could not unload the previous layout since the
current and previous were the same: Qwerty.


New ScrapWare. New
build of Outlook Monitor. This build now adds an Options dialog
that allows you to set the frequency with which the Inbox is
checked. Also added options to beep (either default .wav or PC
Speaker) at a user-defined interval for an unlimited or limited
time when unread mail exists in the Inbox.


New ScrapWare. 1st
release of Outlook Monitor. Outlook Monitor replaces the tray
envelope Outlook places there with an envelope icon that is ‘full’
only when there are unread msgs in your Inbox. This allows you to
not be notified if you have rules that route mail to other

New release of clSSSI
which now runs on Win32 or Linux.

And the big news. A new version of Dvorak Assistant which finally works on NT. Currently, the old version is still available and the latest build
is listed as a beta. If you can help me test on NT, give it a shot
and report any news, good or bad, to me. There's one ”/dvorak.htm#Known problems”>known problem in the beta at the moment.

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