July 18, 2010 [videos] [by crockford]

* A JavaScript object is like a dictionary -- Roughly like Dictionary<string, object>
* A JavaScript method is an object -- You can assign and retrieve them
* All function parameters are optional -- No function overloading, but no need
* Constructors declare instance level variables -- They aren't private
* All JavaScript objects reference a prototype -- The prototype defines common implementation
- Functions are first-class objects.
- Methods are just functions attached to objects.
- You can add methods to classes at any time (even after instances have been created).
- Individual objects can have their own methods.
- ``Class constructors’’ are just functions.
- Functions, being objects, can have their own properties.
- You can call functions with fewer (or more) arguments than the function is declared to take.
- If no value is passed for a function argument, it gets the value undefined.
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