June 19, 2003
The CreativeCommons blog had an entry referring to a Salon article:
... because of the discrete selling and buying of music, digital single by digital single, that iTunes and its kin will foster, we can expect a decline in music bundling, and thus in risk-taking and its shy companion, innovation.

My response:
(1) After borrowing a CD from a friend, sometimes there are only one or two tunes I'd be interested in buying. I like the option of just buying the one or two.

(2) Some artists now have the opportunity to share with the world one-offs without having to get them piggybacked on an album. Akhtar claims the extra tracks on an album are the result of innovation. I'm sure some album's extra tracks are garbage, motivated out of the need to fill up space.

(3) No mere format change is going to stop the fierce artist from being innovative.

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