December 15, 2006
Grandioso Bosendorfer 290 is a sample library by Post Musical Instruments for GigaStudio, a PC software sampler that takes advantage of fast disk to accommodate massive sample libraries (a gigabyte or more of disk space, hence the name) which produce accurate reproductions.

This particular library is 2 gigabytes worth of samples taken from a 9’ 6”, 97 key (the extra keys are all beneath low A on an 88 key piano) Bosendorfer Imperial Concert Grand piano. It sounds amazing.

Why such a large library? We're talking something like every note sampled at 16 different velocities, pedal up, pedal down, close miced and concert hall miced for up to two minutes, no looping. Hold the note for 2 minutes on the keyboard and you'll hear a 2 minute digital sample of that same note held for 2 minutes on the real piano.

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