June 27, 2005
Posts like this make my head hurt (courtesy AdamKeys).

The fact is, when we build something new, we get to someplace we've never been before, and once we get to that place, we start discovering newer places we've never been before that we'd like to visit.

After a while we get tired of traveling and we all sit down and try to figure out how we can get to The Final Place without travelling to all of the in-between places.

It can't be done. It just can't, and stop trying to think of a counter argument.

At some point we didn't have RSS at all. Then someone cobbled it together. That was 0.9, I guess -- I have no idea [**]. But it was only that act that even enabled us to envision RDF or 1.0 or whatever came next. 2.0 couldn't be seen very clearly until we got to 1.0 (although, from what I gather, many think 2.0 sucks).

All this means that the next RSS solution is going to be inadequate as well. But if it's better than where we are today, or even if it just serves as a warning of what not to do, celebrate the progress, and stop believing that we're better visionaries than we are.

[** Apparently, there are currently 9 versions of RSS floating ‘round. Wikipedia has a nice summary of the thrashing].

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