October 26, 2007
Summer ‘06, I got modern (which for me, means at least a generation or two behind) on the video card front and bought an EVGA GeForce 6600 GT online. Worked great.

Fast forward umpteen months and my machine started hanging. Smelled like video card, but after going through 4 different versions of drivers, decided it might be the card.

I zipped up to Best Buy (after checking their return policy -- I'm not sure who buys are best for), paid apparently twice as much as I needed to for a replacement card, and problem went away.

Having the old card out, I noticed some of the capacitors looked blown (or whatever the proper lingo is). Got in touch with EVGA, and the card was still under warranty. I returned it, and they shipped out a replacement same day they got it. Apparently 6600s are out by now as I got a 6800 GS back. That rocks. Thx to EVGA.

tags: ComputersAndTechnology
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