October 04, 2004
Sometime in 2004, the Electronic Frontier Foundation declared that version 2.0 of their Open Audio License would be fulfilled by a CreativeCommons Attribution Share-Alike license.

The EFF‘s Open Audio License is to music what the BSD license is to code. This essentially gives anyone the rights to access, copy, distribute, modify, derive and perform the music for free. If you were so inclined, you could take a piece released under the OAL, change the parts you don't like, put it on a CD, sell it at $100 a pop at your concerts where you perform the material and keep all the profits for yourself. The only requirement of the license is that all usage of the music must include the original credit as shown here in the appropriate materials or embedded in the media itself:
(O) Chris Morris 2003 cstudiosmusic.com V.1.0

See the license for full details.

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