October 15, 2004
Borland is wrapping up production on the next version of Delphi, Delphi 2005, and included in it is the JUnit port for Delphi, DUnit. From their white paper (pdf):

Guaranteed code quality with integrated unit tests

When refactoring is a daily part of agile programming, developers must ensure that code still works as it should. Automated unit tests go hand-in-hand with the rapid code iterations that agile programming demands.

A unit test checks a class to make sure that it behaves as the developer expects. A few tests are run against the class to ensure that, for example, range checking is properly handled, exceptions are raised in the expected way, and any calculations are correctly performed.

Delphi 2005 includes both the popular NUnit unit testing framework for C# and Delphi .NET Framework unit testing and the DUnit framework for Delphi for Win32. Comprehensive wizards simplify creation of the test project and test cases within that project, making it easier for developers to use this important discipline.

I've been working with DUnit since 1999, soon after Juanco it got going. I got my way into unit testing thanks to his work and have tried to pay it back some by helping him admin the SourceForge project, though I've been mostly a tagalong. Many thanks to Juanco for his hard work over the past years, and to Borland for getting on the bandwagon. Hopefully this will be another step in getting this sort of practice to be the norm in development shops.

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