December 29, 2003
(This page is a mess until I figure out a good way to do this...)

New release of iec - Internet Explorer Controller - 2003.362.0. Nothing much new in it ... the source has been moved to RubyForge as a part of the WebTestingWithRuby project and we needed some minor fixes and new build processes to get a release process in place.

New release - clWiki 1.13.5. A bunch of new stuffs: plug-in structure for custom rendering, new shorthand tags for blockquote and blockquote/pre sections (the latter of which auto-escapes content), integrated cvs support (with minimal diff views), escaped html stays escaped, line feeds on Windows is fixed, plus some other minor fixes. Full details in doc/ChangeLog

Whoops - clWiki 1.12.0 had a glitch in it preventing an index rebuild on Windows (unless you only had a small wiki). Even if it didn't crash your rebuild, it would be pretty TCP port intensive. So go get clWiki 1.12.1.

Two new releases tonight.

clWiki 1.12.0 includes a bit new functionality and a bunch of fixes. The doc\Readme in the .zip has all the details.

clxmlserial 1.0.pre4 contains nothing new but compatibility changes to make it work with Ruby 1.8, while remaining compatible with 1.6.



tags: ComputersAndTechnology
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